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On a regular basis we nominate chosen Charities to concentrate our fund raising efforts.


This year we have two charities, one Domestic, West Cheshire Foodbank and the other International, Karibuni Trust.

West Cheshire Foodbank – click logo for website                                           

We started to support the Foodbank upon its inception back in December 2012 in terms of acting as a collection point for food. At the time of writing we are in the top food providers to the local food store in Ellesmere Port and act as a local collection point. 

We have a group of drivers mainly from our Church who transport the groceries to the centre. One of our Church members is actively involved at the local food store as a volunteer.

Part of the motiviation for supporting the Charity was the need to redistribute wealth and to be involved in the debate about ‘ why food poverty is in an affluent society?’ . To this end we are involved in raising the awareness of people in the congregation to the stark inequalities in our society and why in a welfare state we tolerate the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Nov-2017-PDF Newsletter

Karibuni Trust – click logo for website 

Karibuni Children started with Corinne Murphy opening a bank account with £2.56. She had been inspired to do something about the children she had seen living in the slums and on the streets of Kenya. Since then Karibuni Children has given practical hope to hundreds of needy children, supporting projects which operate where the need is greatest.Corinne was restless to make a difference – and we remain restless to do more, to give more children the chance to fulfil their potential.We may be a relatively small charity, but that gives us advantages. We can be nimble, making quick decisions when the need arises, lines of communication are short and we are close to the projects we partner.Within the UK Karibuni is run by a group of volunteers, who combine their different skills and experience in running the charity, publicising the needs in Kenya and raising funds.

The congregation receives feedback about both charities which in turn increases the involvement of the church. There is an outreach group which manages this work.

In previous years we have supported Lend With Care, an International Humanitarian organisation that has set up financial infrastructures in the poorest areas of the World. The charity invites people and organisations to invest money in local individually run projects. (eg setting up a market stall to sell produce) The money is sent as a loan and then repaid over a set period of time, thus allowing us to reinvest into additional projects – repayment rates are well into the 90% levels.

Click on the Logo above to see how much we are investing and how many people we have supported.

The list of charities above is by no means exhaustive an HMC support Methodist Connexional Charities and our Circuit local project