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Multiplex – A new format for Sunday services!     

Among the world’s universal truths is “you can’t please all of the people all of the time,” and we know that’s as true for Church as anything else. Times change and so do some peoples’ view of what they expect from ‘doing church’, but it’s just as important to meet the needs of those who want and expect their weekly Sunday service to be what they are accustomed to.
You may be aware that a group of members met during Lent last year to work through a series called ‘Life on the Front Line’ – as typical Methodist dissenters we diverged from the topic (!!) and began to talk about what we offered as a Church. We came up with ‘Multiplex’, a new way of appealing to more of the people, more of the time, but retaining what we were used to.

How does this change our Sunday morning service?
Well the beauty is, it doesn’t necessarily! The idea is to commence the service together for a short time of worship, before breaking out to explore the theme in in a variety of interesting and engaging forms:

Traditional type Service Stream
In the Church, recognisable Methodist service will often take place, so if a Sermon and Hymn sandwich is to your taste, this is where you’ll feel at home. For the 12 months from September 2016 this has been led by Hmc Worship leaders who will took the opportunity to  try different ideas including streaming of sermons from elsewhere and ‘Songs of Praise’ or testimony events.

  • Creative stream
    For those feeling creative!  If you feel like turning your hand to a craft or helping us think about how to decorate the Link with banner art, there will be opportunity to take part in activities –there is an age range, from 1 month to 95 years old so don’t feel it’s just for kids! Helpers will be CRB checked so Mum or Dad can go off and do another stream.
  • ‘Bible Chat’ stream
    A discussion group welcoming folk with all levels of faith understanding, to mull over the questions and issues raised by the day’s scripture. There’ll be coffee and nibbles on hand too!
  • Reflective stream – in The Oasis, we will have the opportunity to pray and reflect in differing styles.

We will gather together for a short time at the end of the sessions to share what we have been doing before our usual Coffee/Tea.
We hope you will take the chance to try out one or more streams and feedback what you think –